Pentecost All Over Again

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The Heart of Worship retreat was such a powerful weekend. The Holy Spirit’s presence is truly alive within God’s people. Hearing angels singing, and it’s not a metaphor, was an overwhelming experience. Talk about Pentecost all over again!

I received a message from God during praisefest Sunday but I didn’t get the chance to share earlier… I wasn’t sure if it’s meant for everyone but I had no doubt when the worship leader said in his prayer “Please come in”, I knew who it was for…

“Behold, I stand at the door of your heart knocking. Will you let me in? I would like to dine with you so you can taste and see the goodness of my heart.”

I’m sure everyone at the retreat was overcome by our Lord’s presence. It is my prayer that we don’t quench the Holy Spirit. May we continue to worship God not only in our singing but in our everyday lives.

I came to the retreat to serve God through the ministry. But in God’s generosity, He lifted me up in the clouds of heaven quite literally. I praise God for letting me experience the glory of His goodness.

Props to Music Min and all the service team members.  It was a pleasure serving with you!

I appreciate the hospitality of our host SFC Miami especially Kino and Lindsay. We will continue to pray for your healing Lindsay.

The whole weekend was illustrated by this beautiful art work by Ariel.


God bless you all. Much love…



Heart of Worship Retreat

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Come to the Heart of Worship retreat.  You wouldn’t want to miss it.  After all it’s all about Jesus…

Deadline to register is on May 10.