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Pentecost All Over Again

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The Heart of Worship retreat was such a powerful weekend. The Holy Spirit’s presence is truly alive within God’s people. Hearing angels singing, and it’s not a metaphor, was an overwhelming experience. Talk about Pentecost all over again!

I received a message from God during praisefest Sunday but I didn’t get the chance to share earlier… I wasn’t sure if it’s meant for everyone but I had no doubt when the worship leader said in his prayer “Please come in”, I knew who it was for…

“Behold, I stand at the door of your heart knocking. Will you let me in? I would like to dine with you so you can taste and see the goodness of my heart.”

I’m sure everyone at the retreat was overcome by our Lord’s presence. It is my prayer that we don’t quench the Holy Spirit. May we continue to worship God not only in our singing but in our everyday lives.

I came to the retreat to serve God through the ministry. But in God’s generosity, He lifted me up in the clouds of heaven quite literally. I praise God for letting me experience the glory of His goodness.

Props to Music Min and all the service team members.  It was a pleasure serving with you!

I appreciate the hospitality of our host SFC Miami especially Kino and Lindsay. We will continue to pray for your healing Lindsay.

The whole weekend was illustrated by this beautiful art work by Ariel.


God bless you all. Much love…



Family for LIFE

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My dear brothers and sisters,

The Church Coordinator for the Diocese of St. Augustine, Trudy, has asked me and Dunn to form a team that will commit to standing up for LIFE and participate in our local community.  I know Danny Schell has been helping organize this too.  They are tapping on CFC Family Ministry because they know that we are pro-GOD, pro-FAMILY, pro-POOR and pro-LIFE which is humbling that our name alone is a testimony of our love for God.  But when we can live up to our name, that’s when we start to truly make a difference.

There are approximately 3,700 babies getting aborted every day in the U.S. alone (  I don’t believe the parents will let these children get killed if they know that Jesus is real and that Jesus is LIFE.  Our work of evangelization is clearly more urgent out there in the sidewalk.  It’s amazing and wonderful that we worship God in our churches.  Let’s continue to do that but even more so let’s go out and tell the world of HIS love.

I thank those who have been involved in the past 40 Days for Life prayer rallies.  We now have a family for LIFE that prays in front of Planned Parenthood every Friday and Saturday from 6:30am to 9:30am.  You don’t have to be out there the whole time.  It’s great if you can but at least stop by and say a prayer.  Join us brothers and sisters.  Don’t look at your service as a burden but rather as an opportunity to express your love to Our Heavenly Father.

God bless,


40 Days For Life – Day 13

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Prayer vigil outside of Planned Parenthood

I am very grateful to all of you who responded to the call of defending life at all stages. I just want to share one of the many inspiring stories with you…

Paula in Abilene, Texas reported a life saved.  Her 40 Days for Life team feels blessed after a young woman went into Planned Parenthood with the intention of having an abortion.  “She soon came out and told one of our volunteers with tears in her eyes, that after seeing all of us out there praying and sacrificing, she had changed her mind and decided to keep her baby,” said Paula.  “We are all so very excited and thankful to God.”

Day 13 – lives saved from abortion has already climbed to 92!!!

To quote the National Director of 40 Days for Life, David Bereit, “These victories belong to God, but YOU share in all of them due to your prayers and faithful efforts.”

Thank you Auntie Aida, Auntie Ruth, Auntie Ellen, Auntie Grace and Uncle Phil, JR, Jon for joining us this past weekend especially during the midnight hours!  And to all who came at different times, praise God!

As an extra Lenten offering, let’s give up an hour or two of our time this week and do something extraordinary.

God bless,


Embraced by Love

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It’s 4am but I can’t sleep.  After witnessing one of the most powerful manifestations of God’s divine presence at the CFC-Youth conference, I am extremely overwhelmed.  Actually, that’s an understatement.  There is no way I could describe this oozing sensation in my heart that I experienced.  I’m afraid that if I try, I won’t be able to give justice to the series of miracles that took place before my eyes.

CFC-Youth National Conference
CFC-Youth National Conference 2008 Website

Highlights after highlights were making me want more.  The remarkable thing is I wasn’t even a delegate.  I was there to serve my younger brothers and sisters.  Yet I found myself bawling soaking in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Who wouldn’t?  Being part of about 800 people kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament with such reverence for a Holy Hour was so incredibly majestic.  Gosh, I wish there was a much better word!  I know one thing though, I was embraced by love.  Thank you God!   I just had to share that… I can sleep now.  — Bel

(Check out random shots on the sidebar for conference pictures courtesy of Jason.)


A Message of Thanks

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To the CFC Global Family:

We praise and thank the Lord for our very successful 27th anniversary celebration last Saturday, June 21 at the Luneta.  We did not realize, until later in the day, that Signal No. 2 had been raised over Metro Manila and that we were holding our festivities under the threat and along the path of a powerful storm.

We began our Harvest Parade in clear weather and the rains did not come until an hour and a half later. By then the parade was well on its way. The last groups in the parade walked, waved their pennants and yes, danced joyfully, under the rain. None of the parade participants left; and neither did anyone in the crowd.  The sea of umbrellas went up, lending more color to an already colorful gathering. CFC made a powerful statement by standing its ground despite the drenching rain.

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Making the Souvenir Program a Real Keepsake

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Hello everyone!

The CFC-Youth needs our support. Their National Conference in Jacksonville is a month away.

One way to help is by sponsoring a page in their souvenir program. You don’t have to limit your page to a collage of your household, a family portrait, or a business ad. You can promote your own blog, send a personal reflection or praise report, publish a story about your family, post a birthday or anniversary greeting, announce an accomplishment or simply honor someone in your life. There are many ways to get remembered in the souvenir. Not only will you help our youth in the process, you will also make the program more meaningful and truly worth keeping.

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You Provided

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Dear Almighty Father God,

I can’t stop grinning ear to ear . You have brought so much joy in my heart this weekend. You have shown me how very real and present You are in my life as I serve You in this SFC ministry. When I first heard the North Carolina Mission Trippossibility of a mission trip to North Carolina just for singles, I immediately felt that You wanted me to go, but certain excuses popped up in my head. The fact that I had already planned ahead of time to go to Georgia the next weekend for a whitewater rafting trip. Two 7 hr. drives in a row was quite daunting to think about. But as the plans for the mission trip started to become more solid, I began to really look forward to it, waiting to see what You were going to bring about. This weekend, my faith at how You Provide, even the smallest details of my wants and desires, was strengthened.

1. When I thought of the fact that we had to drive 2 cars to accommodate the whole team to drive up there as sort of an inefficient way of doing things with the price of gas being quite high, I prayed hard on my way up to JAX that You would touch someone’s heart to provide a van to fit all 6 of us. When I got to Bel’s house, she told me that Sis. Grace and Bro. Phil were gracious enough to lend us their van. You provided.

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