Joint Household Honors the Outgoing SFC Coordinators

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Welcome to the new Singles for Christ Jacksonville (SFC Jax) website! My name is Joe Cataulin and I am a new member to SFC in Jacksonville, FL. I just joined SFC last November, 2013.

Sendoff Prayer for Kuya Gerry and Ate Mishiel

I recently attended an SFC Jax Joint Household Meeting on Friday, March 21st at Ate Bel and Kuya Jon Masinsin’s home. The Masinsins are the new coordinators of SFC Jax. The evening started at 7pm with fellowship as Brothers and Sisters greeted each other upon arrival. Everybody brought a potluck dish to share. After most everyone had arrived, I led the blessing of the meal.  The food was delicious!

After everyone ate, we had praise and worship music. We sang a few songs, glorifying and honoring the Lord. We thanked and praised Him for all of His blessings. We also asked for Him to forgive us for our sins. We humbly prayed for other’s needs as well as for our own prayer intentions.

After praise and worship and prayer, we gathered in the living room to watch Christopher West speak on John Paul the 2nd’s Theology of the Body. Christopher West is best-selling author, speaker and teacher of JPII’s fine work. Theology of the Body reminds us that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and we must honor and respect our bodies. As Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we must strive to live chaste, pure, holy and virtuous lives in accordance with the Roman Catholic’s teachings on human sexuality. Theology of the Body teaches us that our deepest desires of body and soul are meant to lead us to the infinite, to God Himself!

After the video, we discussed what we learned. We also honored our outgoing SFC coordinators, Ate Mishiel and Kuya Gerry Paterno. As a group, we thanked them for their many years of service to SFC. We also celebrated Ate Mishiel’s birthday. More food, fun and fellowship continued throughout the night until we all went home. What a great way to start off the year in our first joint Household! Looking forward to the rest of the year with SFC 🙂 To God be the Glory!


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