Message From Our New SFC Coordinators

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Dear SFCJax,

We are so blessed that God has called us to be your new SFC coordinators. Having gone through this ministry ourselves, SFC is indeed very close to our hearts. It goes without saying that we are overjoyed! It is our hope that our experience with both SFC and CFC will help us lead you closer to God.


We do want to take this opportunity to honor Kuya Gerry and Ate Mishiel. They have definitely done an amazing job as your SFC coordinators. For a brief time before we transitioned to CFC, they were our coordinators too so we know firsthand that they are just awesome! We will never be able to fill their shoes. The good news is we still know where they live :). And we’re pretty sure that they will always be there for you, for us. They are not going anywhere. If anything you have just gained a new family in us. Please treat us like your big sister, big brother, mom, dad, friend and anything in between. Our house will always be open to you. At our very first joint household meeting at our house last Friday, Nate already fell in love with you all so we’re looking forward to building more wonderful memories with you.

May we all challenge one another to take ownership of SFC and to be accountable to the calling that God has entrusted upon all of us. “Remember you will only receive a harvest in proportion to what you’ve sown for. So sow “big,” sow plenty, sow well, and your harvest will surely satisfy your soul with sweet fruit.”

Cheers to a great year!

With love and prayers,

Jon, Bel and Nate


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