Live Out Loud!

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Live out Loud
Live out Loud

For weeks now, Live-Out-Loud (LOL) has been saturating our facebook status, mailbox, calendar, blog, twitter, tumblr, etc., en masse.  Some of you got curious, others were status quo but most people were excited about the events that were unfolding.  SFCJax has taken the Christian Life Program (CLP) from a traditional event into a more out-of-the-ordinary and deeper  personal-level experience.  Notwithstanding the challenges of being a single, we attested that we can live a full life with a rock-solid faith and with the support of our family and community.  The bond that was formed promised a new beginning, a new direction, a new era.  Kudos to our LOL Core group led by our fearless leader Immanuel/Noel/Weng, the Live-Out-Loud Finale brought sheer joy that reduced any doubts about the future to nothing.

Help me in welcoming the new addition to our family, Sharon, Glenn and Armand!  Thank you for sharing your lives with us.  We are blessed to have you in SFC.  It was such a rewarding experience to witness the miracles of God in each of you.


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