40 Days For Life – Day 13

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Prayer vigil outside of Planned Parenthood

I am very grateful to all of you who responded to the call of defending life at all stages. I just want to share one of the many inspiring stories with you…

Paula in Abilene, Texas reported a life saved.  Her 40 Days for Life team feels blessed after a young woman went into Planned Parenthood with the intention of having an abortion.  “She soon came out and told one of our volunteers with tears in her eyes, that after seeing all of us out there praying and sacrificing, she had changed her mind and decided to keep her baby,” said Paula.  “We are all so very excited and thankful to God.”

Day 13 – lives saved from abortion has already climbed to 92!!!

To quote the National Director of 40 Days for Life, David Bereit, “These victories belong to God, but YOU share in all of them due to your prayers and faithful efforts.”

Thank you Auntie Aida, Auntie Ruth, Auntie Ellen, Auntie Grace and Uncle Phil, JR, Jon for joining us this past weekend especially during the midnight hours!  And to all who came at different times, praise God!

As an extra Lenten offering, let’s give up an hour or two of our time this week and do something extraordinary.

God bless,



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