40 Days for Life – Day 1

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SFCJax at 40 Days For Life Prayer Vigil
SFCJax at 40 Days For Life Prayer Vigil

Imagine our surprise when we saw our 40 Days on the home page of the Northeast Florida Planned Parenthood, they even gave the dates and that it will be 24/7, we appreciate the widespread coverage that will get for us.  The blue tarp is to protect the women from the ‘anti-choice’ activists on the sidewalk  who will tell them about their other ‘choices’. If someone slows to talk to you, ask them to pull over so the PP driveway is not blocked from incoming traffic.  Remember to stay off any part of PP property.  Don’t respond to any confrontations with any especially the Planned Parenthood staff, just keep praying peacefully.

About 50 people came Wednesday night, holding candles, praying, rejoicing that the 40 Days has begun in Jacksonville.  During the night a young woman in a car stopped to talk to one of the men on vigil, ‘is there forgiveness?’ she asked, and he shared the good news of Jesus Christ’s healing for all of us with her.  Another car with 2 young women, barely out of there teens pulled in.  ‘We saw you holding signs that say Pray to End Abortion, why are you here in the middle of the night?’  After explaining about 40 Days to them, one of them softly asked, ‘how can we be forgiven if we’ve already done this terrible thing?’.  In the very first night on sentry duty, twice we have touched the lives of women who were hurting and helped them begin their journey to healing.  How many tears have they shed over the wrong choice for their babies and themselves?  How many nights when they had no one to talk to?  How wonderful that last night someone was on that sidewalk when they drove by to cry with them and offer comfort, in the middle of the night.   There are still open hours on the calendar, won’t you be there for someone who needs to talk to you, Jesus is calling all of us to be His voice here, please go to 40daysforlife.com/jacksonville, check out the vigil schedule for open hours and email fortydaysforlifejacksonville@yahoo.com or call Pat Kennedy at 904-248-0770.  See you on the sidewalk.

Make your life count for ‘LIFE’,

904-399-4014 home
904-248-0770 cell

Post Note:

This morning before sunrise, Jon and I went there and prayed the Rosary and the Divine Chaplet, sang a few songs and silently meditated.  During the entire hour, about 4 cars pulled into the abortion clinic… The lady guard who was escorting the women looked at us and reminded me when Jesus was being mocked on the cross.  Chills ran up and down my spine not only because it’s freezing but because I felt a spiritual warfare.  I thought to myself if all of God’s people surround this place in prayer, the power of faith can easily bring the walls flat to the ground just like the walls of Jericho.  But it can only be done with God’s army.  We need you CFC Family Ministry.

I personally want to thank all who have been standing up for LIFE at the sidewalk.  You are a living witness of love.  I know some of you have said if you could only save even one life, the sacrifice is all worth it.  Rejoice, because as of day 7, 39 babies have been saved.  Let’s not stop now.  Let’s storm the gates of heaven so that abortion will end.  Stop by at 3850 Beach Blvd anytime between now and April 5, 2009.  It’s 24×7.  Stand for life.  ——- bel


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