Sounding the Call to Stand for Life

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With a strong pro-life stance, CFC-SFC collaborates with the Diocese of St. Augustine and the Jacksonville community to join the 40 days for Life Campaign. The mission of the campaign is to bring together the body of Christ in a spirit of unity during a focused 40-day campaign of prayer, fasting, and peaceful activism, with the purpose of repentance to seek God’s favor to turn hearts and minds from a culture of death to a culture of life, thus bringing an end to abortion in America.

SFCJax has initially committed to the following vigil schedule with the intent of becoming more and more visible in the next 40 days:
September 27, 2008 4-5pm at University Blvd (Contact Bel Donado)
October 5, 2008 2-3pm Life Chain on Arlington (Contact Bel Donado)
Life Chain on Beaches (Contact Bro. Terry Collins)

With the invitation extended to the whole CFC Family Ministry, it is with great anticipation that a full support will be given to our local community in helping make a life-saving impact by joining the vigil.

To learn more, sign up for specific vigil hours, or let us know you feel called to serve God in this effort, please contact:
40 Days for Life Team Leader:
Pat Kennedy

For CFC-SFC group sign-up, please contact:
SFCJax Leader:
Bel Donado

Each day between now and the end of the campaign, please commit to pray and fast for the nationwide effort, and for the efforts here in our city.

The time is now. Call to schedule hours to stand vigil, if not you, who will stand? If not now, when will you stand?


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