United We Stand

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Praise God for another great news!

The foundation that we’ve been passionately advocating to help build homes, to send children to school, to give medical aid, etc is now accepted for United Way Contributions in Northeast Florida.  Thanks to Jax GK team for making this a reality!  (If your area is outside of NE FL, please check with your employers on how you could donate to ANCOP USA.)

ANCOP Foundation USA and its counterpart in the Philippines GK have helped millions of people live a better life.  This is the same organization that we’ve been supporting when we did the GK Hero’s Run, the GK dance project, the Kaamulan cultural show, and many more.

To choose, please go to category marked “other” on your employer’s enrollment form. In the blank, simply write “ANCOP USA” and you will be able to support this cause.  How simple is that!

May God bless you for your generosity.

With love and prayers,


“Less for self. More for others. Enough for all”


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