A Message of Thanks

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To the CFC Global Family:

We praise and thank the Lord for our very successful 27th anniversary celebration last Saturday, June 21 at the Luneta.  We did not realize, until later in the day, that Signal No. 2 had been raised over Metro Manila and that we were holding our festivities under the threat and along the path of a powerful storm.

We began our Harvest Parade in clear weather and the rains did not come until an hour and a half later. By then the parade was well on its way. The last groups in the parade walked, waved their pennants and yes, danced joyfully, under the rain. None of the parade participants left; and neither did anyone in the crowd.  The sea of umbrellas went up, lending more color to an already colorful gathering. CFC made a powerful statement by standing its ground despite the drenching rain.

The sound equipment was grounded and, at the end of the parade, there was no electrical power. God`s majesty manifested itself amidst the silence.  The Holy Rosary, begun by the Council wives, was echoed and re-echoed all throughout the grounds of Luneta. By the end of the recitation, we had enough power to continue with the program. How great and wonderful indeed is our God!

The biggest and grandest Lord`s Day celebration ever was held with solemnity, on stage and in smaller groups all around the venue, under moderate rainfall and in some instances, even with some members standing in ankle-deep water.

By the time the Mass began, at 8:30 PM, the rains had ceased and continued to stay away until after the venue had been cleared of people.  The Lord, in His goodness, allowed everyone to go home safe and sound, totally affirmed by the love and rejoicing that reverberated powerfully throughout the entire event.

We thank you all, CFC brethren and friends, who remained steadfast in the midst of the rain, who stood in line as you paraded in what has to be one of the longest parades ever held at the Luneta  — a full two hours.  We thank you for your faithfulness and for affirming that indeed, CFC is our Home and there is no place like Home.

We thank all those who organized the anniversary celebration and the other activities that preceded it — the conceptualizers, the implementors, the service teams, the production crew, everyone who toiled silently and patiently  to make  the CFC Anniversary week a success.  Your talents and your efforts are deeply appreciated. You are a blessing to the community.

We thank the bishops and the priests who came for the whole day Bishops, Clergy, and Lay  Congress on Friday, June 20 at the Valle Verde Country Club.

We also thank the bishops (Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, Archbishop Ramon Arguelles, Bishop Patricio Alo, Bishop Florentino Cinense, and Archbishop Denis Wiehe of Seychelles) and the priests who concelebrated at our anniversary mass. Their solidarity with and support of our vision of being one with the Catholic Church and with our mission of building the Church of the Home and the Church of the Poor greatly affirmed the work of CFC.

We thank all the CFC brethren from many parts of the world, some from as far as Africa, who flew in for the sole purpose of celebrating this wonderful occasion with us and participating in all the congresses.  The camaraderie we all shared showed very clearly that indeed, in the love of Christ, we are all united.

We praise and glorify our mighty God for His goodness and providence!

As we begin our 28th year as a community of believers, let us continue to look forward to fulfilling our vision and mission, focused only on Jesus and resolved to radiate the love that He has given us to others.

God bless us all.




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