You Provided

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Dear Almighty Father God,

I can’t stop grinning ear to ear . You have brought so much joy in my heart this weekend. You have shown me how very real and present You are in my life as I serve You in this SFC ministry. When I first heard the North Carolina Mission Trippossibility of a mission trip to North Carolina just for singles, I immediately felt that You wanted me to go, but certain excuses popped up in my head. The fact that I had already planned ahead of time to go to Georgia the next weekend for a whitewater rafting trip. Two 7 hr. drives in a row was quite daunting to think about. But as the plans for the mission trip started to become more solid, I began to really look forward to it, waiting to see what You were going to bring about. This weekend, my faith at how You Provide, even the smallest details of my wants and desires, was strengthened.

1. When I thought of the fact that we had to drive 2 cars to accommodate the whole team to drive up there as sort of an inefficient way of doing things with the price of gas being quite high, I prayed hard on my way up to JAX that You would touch someone’s heart to provide a van to fit all 6 of us. When I got to Bel’s house, she told me that Sis. Grace and Bro. Phil were gracious enough to lend us their van. You provided.

2. As we got closer to the home of our hosts, Bro. Tony and Sis. Veron, starving from the long 7 ½ drive, I prayed out loud that there would be rice, eggs and sausage. When I got to the house beside their’s where we were holding the CLP, there was about 6 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts. I thought “thank You Lord, for this, if this is what You wanted me to have. After settling down, they called us to their home, where, of course, there was rice, eggs and sausages. I thank You for our host’s hospitality. You provided.

3. As the talks unfolded throughout the day, seeing the hunger in the eyes of Your children to know You more, to draw closer to You, I am truly amazed at how much You love each one of them that You called them, even if they had to drive 2 hrs. just to listen to Your Word. During their prayover session, I kept on thinking how unworthy I was to be used as a vessel to bless Your children with Your most Holy Spirit. You revealed to me that all I had to say was “Yes” and You would show me how great Your power truly is. I am in awe of You. It was quite humbling to see each one of them come back to You at the end of the day in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. You gave North Carolina these 7 singles as a core group to begin the ministry in that area. You provided.

You provided me with an amazing bunch of co-servants that moved together as one this weekend, all intent on bringing about Your plans of rapid, massive, global evangelization. You also gave us our invisible prayer warriors that I believe was as much of a part of the team to NC. I thank and praise You for each one of them.

Your daughter that fell in love with You more this weekend,



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