Jax Takes Highway of Hope to Heart

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After the 1st GK Builders’ Assembly that was held on April 27, 2008, the Jacksonville team is off to a great start. They have unanimously raised a new branch coordinator for GK, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. William Manubag for their enthusiasm and initiative to get things off the ground. Under ordinary circumstances first meetings of most organizations are usually for members’ orientation about the program itself. But for these GK builders, there is no time to sit on their blessed laurels. Their hearts are on fire to move things forward following the examples of Dylan Wilk, his family and Nathan Mari as they continue on with the Highway of Hope Road Tour. After going over some important points about GK and watching a very inspiring video about the “Table of Love” painting by Joey Velasco who calls himself a “heartist”, the initial planning was jumpstarted. Recommendations and action plans overflowed:

• Attend the GK1mb workshop in Orlando on May 10
• Raise awareness in the local community by presenting GK to the different organizations and parishes
– GK Exhibit at World of Nations (Philippine Pavilion May 3 @ 1pm)
• Renew the CFC family ministry’s appreciation of this beautiful gift
• GK Event on August 2 – Presentation of CFC Youth West Palm Beach at Holy Spirit Gym (Tickets at $25)
• GK Event in October – Integrated Performing Arts Guild Dance Tour
• GK Event in November – Carnival Cruise matching program

Present in the meeting were Mr & Mrs Raul and Remy Guerrero, Mr William Manubag, Mrs Ellen Navarro, Mr & Mrs Phil and Grace Dancel, Mrs Cynthia Alparan, Mrs Lucy David, Drs Alex and Eva Chu, Ms Bel Donado and Mr Jon Masinsin. Everyone was thrilled to become part of rebuilding a nation and of fighting the “goliath of poverty”.

The next GK Builders’ Assembly is on May 18, 2008, 5pm at Blessed Trinity Hall.


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