GK 1MB Highway of Hope Update

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GK1mB Highway of Hope Halfway Mark

By Nathan Mari


Highway of HopeAs we approach the halfway mark of the “Highway of Hope”, we are filled with overwhelming sense of Hope. We’ve been to over forty two cities, and have covered over ten thousand miles which is like driving from New York to Melbourne. The tour itself can be quite challenging at times, and sometimes the tears that flow when we are asked to share, are reflective of the difficulties each one of us face on this journey. But it’s a journey towards HOPE, which is realized in every city we go too. But these small sacrifices are nothing compared to what the poor have to go through on a daily basis.We often think to ourselves, “why are we doing this?” Can’t we just send them a video and that will be enough? But I realize, more than ever, that GK is a lifelong journey. Its a journey that makes a call to every single Filipino which demands a response. Each response will be different, and this is simply the response we have chosen. I see the urgency of this work, as more important than even our own needs, dreams, plans, and hopes. -Than our own desires, and wants!



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