Dama de Noche – An Enchanted Evening

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Dama de NocheCongratulations CFC Youth for the success of the Dama de Noche dinner-dance fundraising event on March 29, 2008 at the Holy Spirit gym.  The turnout was more impressive than it was originally anticipated because of the generous hearts and eager supporters who made it possible.   

With the overall charming oriental feel of the setup, the mood of the evening, true to its theme, was enchanting.  The audience was extremely enamored by the exceptional showcase of talent and skills.  Naturally, their dance instructors were particularly proud of the Dama de Noche dance team for their graceful execution of the Fascination Waltz.  The members had to learn with utmost discipline and refined style in a very short period of time.  As one contender of “Dancing with the Stars” professed, “ballroom dancing is the most challenging undertaking I’ve ever done.”  Afterwards, everyone was enthused to dance the night away. 

Kudos to all the youth who participated in all the performances!  Your dedication and hard work have paid off tremendously.  Paving the road towards the 14th CFC-Youth National Conference, a job well done to all the service team!  It is always inspiring to see those who don’t ever grow tired of serving God through the CFC-Youth ministry.  A lot of you who have worked behind the scene usually don’t get due credit but unbeknownst to you, a great legacy is being passed down to the next generation.  None of your sacrifices will go unnoticed because you are true witnesses of God’s love. 


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