and the greatest of these is LOVE

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Storyline of the Single Momentarily

By Michael Talidong

Here are some practical suggestions for how to live your life to the fullest during your single years.  

 1. Fall in love with God. 

Get to know Christ and build a strong friendship with Him. He is a passionate lover Who offers His life for you, and He will teach you how to be a lover. A love affair with God will boost your self-dignity and honor that will prepare your love relationship with your future spouse. Spend time with Him in the Blessed Sacrament in prayer and reading the Scriptures daily. As a single person, you will soon discover that you have more time to seek the Lord in prayer than most married couples do. Focus your life on God and you will see clearly your love story slowly unfold by God before your eyes. 

 2. Be the best that you can be. 

This is the best time for God to use your talents and harness you to become better men and women. Use you time to be productive and improve yourself. Reach out and commit to help the poor, study again, develop more skills or play your favorite sports. Keep emotionally fit, as well as mentally and physically. Live a balanced life and live it with passion and purpose for God.  Read Full Article >>>

Waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right

By Stephanie Wood

Americans don’t like to wait. We complain about our Internet connection if it’s slower than 56K. We become impatient if our “fast food” order takes more than 60 seconds to land on our tray. We hate long red lights, and heaven help the person who cuts in front of us in the check-out lane. 

MTV has clocked our attention span at approximately 7 seconds. For a generation whose fast-paced society forgot to teach them that patience is a virtue, waiting for God’s perfect timing in finding the spouse of our dreams can be a pretty tough cookie to swallow.  

If you’re a single young adult and feel called to the vocation of marriage, you may be tempted to become discouraged or distressed that you haven’t yet found the one God has chosen to be your spouse. Waiting can be hard and sometimes even painful, not only because we struggle with the virtue of patience, but also because waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right requires us to trust in God’s unseen plan for our lives. In the area of relationships, Christ is challenging us to step out of the boat with St. Peter, and leave the walking on water part to Him.    Read Full Article >>>

How to Fall in Love with Your Spouse… Even Before You Meet Him or Her        

By Stephanie Wood

If you had come up to me prior to a few months ago and told me that I could fall in love with my husband before I meet him, I probably would’ve laughed in your face. Of course I’ve heard of love at first sight, or love after the first date, but love before sight? No way.  

Over the past few months, however, I’ve changed my mind.            

Last summer my dad received a wedding invitation from a couple in California whom he has never met. The couple had read Dad’s books on “The ABCs of Choosing a Good Spouse” and had taken his advice to pray for their future mate. After making regular visits to the adoration chapel to pray for this specific intention, Melissa met and became engaged to Joe, the man of her dreams.  

God brought this particular couple together from across the miles – she lived in Southern California and he lived in Wisconsin. Reading the wedding invitation (and the enclosed letter profusely thanking my dad for his courtship advice) challenged me to do the same thing in my life: to begin praying regularly for my future spouse.   Read Full Article >>>

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