Happy Tuesday SFC!

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Thanks to all who participated last Friday at the Stations of the Cross.  It was nice to be able to pray and meditate with the whole community.  I hope everyone is able to keep his promise for Lent as we continue on with this journey of Faith.  Btw, great singing Krissy!  You should do that more often. 

Last Saturday’s paintball adventure drew a huge crowd of both casual and serious players.  However, among SFC and CFC-Youth, I was the only “tomb-raider” =)  In some ways, I had an upper hand because the guys were being extra nice to me (Thanks Jason!) except for Selwyn… hehehe… It was fun.  Hopefully next time I’ll get more sister-clusters!  Don’t be scared, you won’t even notice the welt (if you ever get one) due to adrenalin rush.

Anyway, I’ll see you all on Friday (Feb 29) at the Joint HH.  It will be at Dorie’s house.  Gather time is 7pm.  You may get directions from wherever you’re coming from by clicking on the link on the sidebar.  Check back for more updates (schedule, readings, photos, music, etc) about the community.  I have some easy-listening/latin jazz in the SongSpot if you like that kind of stuff.

God bless,


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