26.2 With Donna

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Thank you for all your prayers, Cathy (2:54), Dorie (2:56), Bel (2:53) and Jon (2:53), despite no training, finished the half marathon last Photo courtesy of Jacksonville.comSunday without any injuries!  As the four crossed the finished line around the same time, they rejoiced together giving each other a big hug almost forgetting about the cramps and the exhaustion.  Overcoming the last 2-mile stretch over the intracoastal bridge on JTB was the biggest hurdle.  Our SFCJax members, crazy as they are for running without apt preparation, decided to run in honor of their loved ones.  “I did it for my mom who is a breast cancer survivor,” said Bel.  “My mom considered it a blessing in disguise because that’s what started her conversion.”

Sunday’s Donna Deegan Marathon a Huge Success 
(courtesy of Jacksonville.com)

Sunday’s 26.2 With Donna, The National Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer, was a success beyond organizer’s dreams, based on 8,000 runners who participated in the inaugural race and the $800,000 the event raised for charity. 

In comparison, about 2,000 runners participated in the 26th annual Jacksonville Marathon in December, which is average for that race, said Jimmy Manos, marketing manager for 1st Place Sports, which assisted at Sunday’s event. 

“To have 8,000 runners for an inaugural event is amazing,” said Darlene Miller, national program director for Jeff Galloway Training Programs. “Usually, they are very small.”   Read full article >>>


2 thoughts on “26.2 With Donna

    sfcjax responded:
    February 21, 2008 at 9:36 am

    Some of you guys may be thinking that “no comments” denotes you can’t leave one. Sorry for the confusion. It actually means there are no comments yet. It’s part of the template and so I don’t have a way of customizing the “wording” that was used. Anyway, now that I started a thread, I hope someone will follow. Thanks!

    Dobbie said:
    February 22, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    Thanks for clarifying Belay! =) Congratulations to you, Jon, Cathy and Dorie for an awesome job! Can’t believe you guys did it without training whatsoever! Praise God! Keep up the work for GK!

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