Memoirs of an SFC Running for GK

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——– by Dobbie Cerrado (SFC Central Florida) ——— 

4:30 am – wake up to drive from Lakeland to Tampa. 

5:30 am – arrive at St. Pete’s Forum to park, on the way there, we were praising God for this opportunity to use our bodies to help those that do not even know where their next meal will be coming from or where they will be sleeping that   night.  We are truly blessed to be a part of Gawad Kalinga, being a witness of what it has done and will continue to do to help the poor. 

6:00 am  – Perfect 50 degree weather for running!  American anthem was sung, energies where high as more than 16,000 runners from across the USA were gathered for their own separate agendas, but therein lies a very small group of about 6 Filipinos proudly wearing their red tshirts bearing the GK sign, seemingly insignificant but I believe were quite big in God’s eyes for their hearts were truly set in doing whatever they can to help raise funds to build at least one home for one needy family.  And we’re off!  

7:00 am – Sunrise!  As I crossed the 6 mile mark, we were running up on a bridge overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa downtown skyline and I run with such a grateful heart at how beautiful and awesome God’s creation is!  I just felt really blessed in such a concrete way to have the ability to do this for GK. 

8:15  am  – As I crossed the 10 mile mark, my right knee started to hurt and I prayed for the strength to continue on.  I felt more like walking and not doing it anymore, but truly when I am weakest then, I am strong for I begin to realize that I can do all things through Christ alone who strengthens me. 

8:44 am  – After a seemingly endless 2 miles I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!  The FINISH LINE!  Yey!!! What joy in my heart  I felt, especially seeing my family at the end who had such a happy and proud look on their faces. =)               

Thanks for your support everyone!  Because of your prayers and financial assistance, we were able to raise 1,200 to go towards building a roof over a deserving family.  Praise God!   Special thanks goes to:  Arlyn, Cathy J., Tina A.,  Juve ., Loudette and Marc, Belle D. from the CFC-SFC family, the Francisco family and all the other nameless donors.  I cannot wait to see what God will do in your lives to bless you for what you have done.  God is good!!! All the time!!!


4 thoughts on “Memoirs of an SFC Running for GK

    Bel responded:
    February 13, 2008 at 9:35 am

    Congratulations Dobbie, Judy, JoAnn and all our GK runners from Tampa! You guys embody what a hero truly means. We are proud of advocates like you whose passion continues to burn in your hearts. Praise God that everyone made it safely!

    Dobbie said:
    February 13, 2008 at 7:57 pm

    Thanks so much Bel! You are such an awesome sister in Christ that I am blessed to have in my life. God bless!

    Eileen Mae said:
    February 13, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    Way to go GK runners! I’m so proud you were able to finish the run. All those hours of training paid off and God got you through it all. Congratulations Dobbie, Judylyn, and JoAnn!!!

    Jun Villanueva said:
    September 4, 2008 at 5:52 am

    Hi Dobbie, this is bro. Jun, remember National Shrine of the Sacred Heart Charismatic choir. Send me an email…can’t wait to chat with you.

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