Creating Space For God

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Greetings of love!!! 

Last Sunday when Father Glen gave his homily, his words “create space for God” struck me like lightning.  Ever since then I can’t get it out of my head to the point where I almost composed another song.  Well, I did but about something else because it’s a little difficult to get the lyrics to rhyme on creating space.  Anyway, four years ago I started keeping a journal… actually it’s more like a love letter to God.  One of the things that I noticed in my entries is that I find myself battling more wars during this Lenten season.  Thank God, because of His grace I have always come home as a victor, not without injuries but a victor nevertheless.  Otherwise I won’t be talking about the power of God today.  Most of us, in our own little ways, try to give something up during lent for various reasons.  A lot of times many would falter halfway but would keep on through all 40 days.  The rest will just try again next year just like they planned when New Year came.  I thought that maybe we should all do this together this time with more conscious effort and accountability that way it won’t be that easy to get discouraged.  It would even be better if we can share our struggles and victories with each other to give more honor and glory to God.  After all we should really do this sacrifice for Him in the first place.  Tomorrow, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of this passage.  I invite you to join me and many others in this journey of 40 days of prayer and fasting and together let us claim the miracles that will unfold right before our eyes…  As we begin to create more space for God, may we all discover that self-sacrificing love that has been planted in the deepest recesses of our hearts.

Read this wonderful reflection from Bo Sanchez… I hope and pray that this will help us all jumpstart our willpower.  May God bless us all.

With love and prayers,



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